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The Engineering Education Australia (EEA) Professional Year Program (PYP) comprises 44 weeks (about 10 months) classroom-based career development and management activities and learning, and a 12-week unpaid, full-time internship within an Australian engineering company.

The program, upon successful completion, provides participants eligibility to apply for five (5) migration points towards permanent residency in Australia.

Professional Year Program is for international students who hold an Australian Bachelor or Master Degree in an Engineering discipline (minimum of two years of study within Australia). It provides a pathway from university to employment in Australia by developing the professional and practical skills required to work in the Australian engineering sector.

At Albright Institute, we understand the need for you to continue working and supporting yourself during your PYP studies, so we have scheduled classes between 9am-5pm on weekends to give you the flexibility to pursue your side-hustle during the week!

Over 44 weeks, and through a mix of classroom training and an industry placement (internship):
• increase your understanding of the Australian workplace and workplace culture;
• earn valuable work experience through an internship in an Australian company;
• build a professional network of peers and other industry professionals;
• free Engineers Australia (EA) Graduate Membership allowing access to EA events and networking at no extra cost;
• significantly strengthen your chance of having a career as an engineer in Australia.

The Professional Year in Engineering has two parts:
• 32 weeks of practical, face to face training in a classroom;
• a 12-week full time, unpaid internship with an Australian engineering company; that suits participants engineering discipline or area of practice.

The practical training component teaches participants the skills needed to succeed professionally in Australia. After successfully completing the program, participants can apply for five migration points under an eligible skilled occupation.

• Participants must have an engineering degree at the level of Technologist or Professional Engineer completed within 4 years of the date of application, with a minimum of two years (94 weeks) study duration.

• The degree must qualify as an Engineering course (Broad and Narrow Fields) under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

• The Academic transcripts participants must provide are bachelor’s degree or higher from an Australian university. If participants Australian degree is not in engineering, overseas engineering degree transcripts must also be submitted.

Applicants must have applied for, or been issued, one of the following visas:
• Skilled Graduate (Temporary) 485 visa
• Bridging Visa, A or C for an eligible visa type
• Skilled Recognised Graduate 476 visa (completed studies at a Washington Accord accredited university) List of Eligible Offshore Universities
• Visa conditions must grant full work and study rights (student 500 visas are not accepted)
• Applicants must also have at least 12 months remaining on their visa from the date the program starts.
• If you’ve applied for a Skilled Graduate (Temporary) 485 visa, then you must have nominated an engineering ANZSCO code for migration purposes.

English Requirements
Albright Institute accepts valid test results from:
• International English Language Testing System (IELTS);
• Pearson Test of English (PTE);
• Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Classes one day per week 9am to 5pm
• Saturday or Sunday
• Monthly rolling intakes, each module is 4 weeks in duration
• Maximum 25 students per group

The Albright Institute Professional Year (Engineering) internship allows participants to benefit from essential hands-on experience within an Australian engineering company for 12 weeks, full time in an unpaid capacity.

Each participant will have a dedicated mentor to support them during their internship and will have the opportunity to build a professional network of colleagues and apply their engineering skills and knowledge in the workplace. Albright Institute will seek to place participants in a company within their engineering discipline or area of practice.

44 weeks (32 weeks classroom, 12 weeks internship)

• Adelaide
• Sydney
• Melbourne

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