The Albright LMS has been developed internally by Albright Institute of Business and Language’s team to improve AIBL student’s outcome by optimizing academic progression, course progress monitoring and exhilarating user experience. Our highly qualified and experienced technical and training teams have made mammoth efforts to ensure that the LMS is user friendly with quality outcomes to assist you to successfully complete your student journey at Albright Institute.  

Highlights of the new LMS 

  • Students specific study plan with timetable is easily accessible by students at all times
  • The Learning resources and related power points for each unit are easily accessible. 
  • Structured Learning Activities on e-learning resources are logged & supplements training 
  • The assessments can be attempted directly on the online system with regular due reminders 
  • Re-submission of assessments are smooth with clear, detailed & tracked feedback
  • As per the requirement of the assessment – reports, projects, activity sheets etc., can be uploaded easily
  • As per the requirement of the assessment – observation checklists will be uploaded by the trainer/assessor
  • Students can view and access their course progress & unit outcome any time instantly 
  • Students can talk to trainer and cohort via forum option 


How To Access Albright LMS

View Study Plan & Course Progress

Assessment Submissions

How to Submit Assessment

How to Check Assessment Outcome

How to Re-submit 

Deadlines & Important Notifications

View Deadlines & Plan Ahead 

Notification of Deadlines & Results 

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