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Priyapat | General English | Brisbane

  • What is your origin story?

I am from Thailand, I moved to Melbourne in 2017. My both parents are from Thailand, I am proud of my background. I have been studying English in Australia, before starting studying at Albright, I did Certificate IV and a Diploma in Business.  I think Australia is the best country to study English, It is closer to Thailand, cheaper than other countries with English native speakers and it is also safe. 
I love to visit different countries and to know different cultures. For me, the most difficult part is the language, it is completely different from mine. I needed to understand different cultural symbols and context. If I just translate words, sometimes it is hard to understand. In my country, for example is very rude put the feet on the table 
My family supports me all the time to improve my English. Sometimes I miss them, also I miss my city. Bangkok is good, we have an amazing shopping center, temples, many places to go to do different activities. very attractive for tourists. 

  • What aspects of living in Australia have made you grow as a person?

I have more responsibility now, I can know what I can do, I can plan my future myself. 
Living away you need to work harder, be stronger.  Nobody can help you; I am alone here,  for that reason I love to work a lot, be responsible and get my own achievements. 

  • What’s one thing you’ve enjoyed about studying at Albright? 

I love my classmates, they are from different cultures, which is good in my learning process, they teach me also about their culture. 

Teachers are so nice; I can practice a lot doing different activities in class.

  • What’s something you look forward to in the future?

I would love to get a new job as a nurse, help somebody to feel better 

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