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Melisa | Advanced Diploma of Translating | Sydney

My name is Melisa Lopez, I am from Almafuerte, Cordoba, Argentina. I love “mate”, “empanadas” and “dulce de leche” which are the Argentinian favourite traditional food. I began to study English when I was 5 years old. Since that time, I realised that I was passionate about languages. I did 10 years at an English academy called IICANA, where my mom was a teacher.

After that, at the age of 18, I did an international exam in English called ECCE. Successfully passing this exam, I knew that languages had always been my passion. In 2014, I started my professional career as translator when I began to study at the School of Languages of the National University of Cordoba in Argentina where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Translation.

In 2019, I decided to travel abroad to live the experience of being an international student in Australia. Since the very first days in Australia, I was determined to sit for the NAATI examinations in order to become a certified translator in Australia. However, the pathway was not that easy. After some months of investigating about how I could become certified, in September 2020, I got to meet Carlos Plata from Albright Institute, who opened their doors for me to become one of their students. Thanks to doing the Advanced Diploma of Translating at Albright Institute, I became eligible to sit for the NAATI Certified Translator test.

While studying with Albright, I enjoyed the fact of being immersed in the world of translation, but this time from another culture’s point of view. Thanks to Nestor and his amazing classes, I could appreciate and learn more about the Australian translation industry and I could compare what I have learnt to what the Aussies do here. What I liked the most was having practical classes and placing all the examples of translations in the Australian context. It helped me broaden my knowledge about the translation industry. I can say that my experience with Albright and Nestor has been amazing, and, thanks to them, I am now able to fulfil my dream of becoming a certified translator in Australia.

My favourite places in Sydney are the Opera House, the Royal Botanic Garden and all the beaches around. During the weekends, I normally go with my partner and family to different touristic spots in Sydney. We try to take the most advantage of the time we are here. (Now, due to COVID-19, we cannot go out in Sydney, but those are my ideal plans when things are normal).

As a translator, it has been challenging to insert in the translation industry in Australia. Most of the translation agencies and direct clients ask professionals to hold the NAATI certification, which I am waiting for. However, I am aware that this is the tough part and, once I receive my certification here, I will be able to put full hands-on work in my profession.

I have already created my professional translation services company and I am willing to have a group of colleagues working with me in the near future. My main desire for the future is to be able to work as a full-time translator, and to become fully qualified in Australia. What I always bear in mind is that the learning process never ends, and it is always great to be in presence of different points of view about the same topic.

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