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Aileen | Diploma of Leadership and Management | Adelaide

I am from a third world country which is the Philippines and I have lived there for 26 years. Being a Registered Nurse there for three years, I came to a point where I decided to go out of my comfort zone and take my degree to a higher level and study for Leadership and Management course that will help me during my Nursing career. My choice was really Australia that time, and I’ve looked for a state that will be a great place for an International Student like me and when I read about Adelaide being one of the most liveable countries in the world, that’s the time I am very keen to leave the Philippines and go to this place. 

The next thing I did was to look for a school and I saw Albright Institute with good feedback like “they have teachers that are very good, understanding, and helpful” and that’s the reason why I chose this College. 


Coming here to Australia was my first trip out of our country and I can say that there’s a huge difference in culture, values and beliefs. Another thing that I noticed is the way they teach and the whole way of schooling. I remember the day first of my class on Diploma of Leadership and Management in Albright Institute, I felt nervous entering the room and be in class because english is my second language and I’m not comfortable talking in english that time but my Trainer was very approachable and kind that he explains the things that needs to be done and what to expect during the entire course very clearly and that time, I know I am on the right school. Since then, I have been looking forward to my next class because I enjoyed being in class, learning new things and interacting with other students with different nationalities. I would really recommend this school because Trainers will help you understand things that are new to you, they will help you and provide you guidelines for your assessments, they will push you to be the best that you can be and I remember one of my Trainer pushing me/us to be comfortable speaking in front of other people and be confident because that’s one thing that a good Leader needs to have. 


I can say that I enjoyed my almost two years of living here in Adelaide. I am enjoying the food, places and way of living (cheaper rent compared to other states, no traffic, safe place, and a lot of job opportunities) I am also in awe to their Government specially during the time of pandemic that they didn’t forget about us international students and even provided us financial and emotional support on that difficult situation. That’s why I am planning to really settle in this state and apply for residency in the near future because who wouldn’t like this kind of life? 

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